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Tooth Extractions

In the event that your damaged or infected tooth places your smile at risk, our dentists can provide you with a tooth extraction to help restore your oral health. We encourage you to contact Ideal Dental Care today to learn more about tooth extractions in Richmond, Virginia, and to schedule a visit with Dr. Omar Abuhajleh and associates!

Tooth extractions are an important part of keeping your teeth healthy and safe from harmful bacteria. Often, when a tooth is affected by disease or crowding, the situation may necessitate a tooth extraction to get your oral health back in top condition. Our dentists may perform a tooth extraction for several other reasons, including:

Gum disease
Wisdom teeth complications
Tooth trauma
Preparation for a dental prosthesis

Depending on the situation, your extraction may be a simple removal or a surgical removal. With simple removals, our dentists will be able to remove your tooth in one piece. For more complex extractions involving the removal of gum tissue or bone, a surgical extraction will need to be performed, in which the tooth is removed in several pieces.

As you go through the recovery process, we recommend that you avoid rinsing your mouth excessively and follow the diet that our dentists will suggest for you. For the first three days after your extraction, if you experience any swelling or tension, we advise you to contact our office immediately for treatment. If you are seeking to replace missing teeth, we can consult with you to decide which restorations will help you achieve a full smile again.

If you need to receive a tooth extraction, we invite you to contact us today and set up a visit with our dentists!